The Pleiades

We now have the opportunity to look at a most interesting fact about a star cluster within the sign of TAURUS. It is called The Pleiades, and the names means “The Seven Sisters.”

Remember that this star cluster is in the sign of the Bull, Taurus. It is shown as being an organic part of the bull, and it is located high up in His shoulder, close to the heart. This cluster of stars is representative of the Church. What a beautiful picture we see here, even from the positioning of this star group being close to the heart of Christ. We, the Bride of Christ, are the closest affection to His heart! He loved us and died for our lost estate — to redeem us and to present us to Himself. But this truth we’ve already seen several times over in our star-revelation. There is, however, an AMAZING fact about this star cluster. It is found in the configuration of the seven stars and their apparent motion!

The configuration is truly amazing! The seven stars are aligned in the shape of a question mark. This is exactly the same configuration of another group of seven sisters that are mentioned in the Bible. They are the seven “sister-churches” in Asia Minor that are mentioned in Revelation 1-3. It was to these seven churches that John was instructed to write the Lord’s letters. They constituted a sweeping preview of the whole course of church history from the Apostolic Age to the end of the age — the Laodicean Age of lukewarm apostasy. It is obvious that we are about to identify these seven sister-churches with these seven stars, isn’t it? But is there really any BIBLICAL reason to do so? Look at Revelation 1:16,20. Here the Lord says plainly that the seven stars ARE the seven churches!

Is there any corroborative support for this? Yes, as already mentioned, in both the configuration and the motion. The configuration is, as we have seen, a question mark design. Now, look at a map of the seven churches in Asia Minor — the same basic configuration! Amazing harmony!!

There is also another thing to notice about this configuration — it is the SAME design as two other pictures of the redeemed — Ursa Minor (Little Bear — Israel) and Ursa Major (Big Bear — Gentile believers). Isn’t that an amazing harmony also?

Finally, there is the apparent motion of these stars. But not just these stars, for this phenomenon includes the Hyades as well. (See Taurus) The Hyades is a picture of the redeemed of Israel (the five wise virgins) and all the untold multitudes that are saved under their ministry during the Tribulation. Now here is the grand truth of the “motion” of both of these star-clusters. They are both moving in one direction, all converging in the beautiful star Betelgeus, which means “The Coming of The Branch”!!! In other words, even the movement of these heavenly bodies testifies to the great truth that the heart desire and ultimate end of all the redeemed of all time is bound up in the Second Coming of Jesus!

May God bless these wondrous truths to your heart and mind!

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