The Redeemed, Blessed But Bound

Let’s do a quick review of Book Two of this ancient star revelation.  This book includes the constellations of Capricornus, Aquarius, and this final sign, Pisces.  The emphasis for Book Two has been the special relationship between the Redeemed (those of us who accept Christ as our Savior) and the Redeemer (Jesus Christ).  We have the unique privilege of entering — by faith — into a unique relationship with him.  And then, by virtue of our relationship with Him, we are given three priviledges of incalculable worth — union with Christ (see Aquarius and Piscus Australis), authority with Christ (see Pegasus), and a heavenly citizenship (see Cygnus).

With Pisces, we are now entering the final chapter of this Book Two – and it is concerned with the conflict against the Redeemed that arises from three sources — the world, the flesh, and the Devil.  The child of God will, from time to time, find himself engaged in battles against these.  In John 17:15-16, in His final hours before the crucifixion, the Lord Jesus prayed for us!  His prayer was not that the Father would take us out of the world so that we would never need to face these battles.  Instead, He prayed that we would be protected while fighting them.

In Greek mythology, these two fish were Venus and her son Cupid who were walking along the banks of the Euphrates River when they were attacked by the giant Typhon.  To escape, they jumped into the river and assumed the shape of the fish.  All ancient star charts (Zodiacs) show both fish, and many ancient civilizations associate these fish with som sort of misfortune or distatestfulness.)

The Big Picture

This picture is of two fish, bound together by a band.  Notice that one fish swims upward toward the King of Heaven, Cephus.  This represents our new man (our new nature in Christ) desiring a relationship with God the Father who is all gracious.  But then there is the other fish that is swimming outward, representing our relationship to everything around us.  The band is representative of these three sources of sin (or rather, temptation) in our lives.  Notice that the band entangles both of these relationships.  Every area of our life is subject to this evil influence in our lives — and we need to recognize that it is only by God’s grace that we can ever become untangled from it.

The Gospel Truth

The fish was used as an early symbol of the Christian faith.  Even today, you will see fish symbols on cars or business signs, representing the owners as followers of Christ.  Jesus referred to His disciples as “fishers of men.”  And interestingly enough, this is the national constellation of the nation of Israel.  So, as we begin to look at this chapter of conflict in Book Two of the star chart, we encounter two different sources from which the battle comes.  First, the spiritual animosity felt by the world against the children of God.  And second, the national enmity between the nation of Israel and the Gentiles.  The Lord Jesus said that He had come to divide brother from brother, and nation from nation.  However, he made it clear that this was a result of His coming to offer life to all men, and their own reactions to that free gift would be the dividing factor.

The Star Names

Pay close attention to the names of the stars in each constellation.  They will ALWAYS back up the message in The Gospel Truth above.

PISCES (ltn) “the fishes”; Pi-cot Orion (Egy) “the fishes of him that comes”; Dagim (Hbr) “the fishes or multitudes; Nuno (Snsk) “the fish lengthen out, posterity”

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