The Light-Breaker

Homer described the Orion of Greek mythology as being the “tallest and most beautiful of men.” Orion, himself, claimed superiority over every creature on earth, and as punishment for his conceit, the gods sent a scorpion to kill him by stinging him in the heel. It is also recorded that he greatly loved Merope (one of the seven sisters of the Pleiades), and that his love for her caused him great pain and loss, but the god Vulcan restored him. This is easily a corruption of that oldest of all promises — the one given by God that His Son would love His bride so much that He would suffer for her and be obedient even to death, the death foretold in the Seed Prophecy in Genesis 3:15 (See Scorpio for more info.).

One of the most beautiful object in the heavens is the famous Orion Great Nubula, an immense mass of luminous gasses. Words fail to describe its beauty. One of the most interesting stars is Betalgeuse, known as the “Martial Star.” It is extraordinarily beautiful.

The Big Picture

Here is a great man of infinite power with a club (or sword) uplifted. With one foot he is crushing the head of the enemy (Lepus) and with the other foot, he is issuing forth the scorching river of light (Eridanus). The foot that has in previous signs shown the Savior’s wounded heel is now crushing! In his left hand he hold the mane of a great lion. This most likely is a picture sign of the great enemy, Satan, who “goes about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”

The Gospel Truth

The trust of the Gospel includes the fulfillment of judgment on every evil influence felt by God’s children from the beginning of history. There IS a moral rightness; and there is, therefore, a great need for an ultimate time of justice and retribution. In Orion, we see that ancient need fulfilled by the return of the One against whom all sin has been committed. Here is God incarnate, returned in glory and power.

The Star Names

Pay careful attention to the meanings of the names of the stars. They will ALWAYS back up the message in The Gospel Truth above.

ORION (Hbr) “Light-breaker” Ha-ga-t (Egy) “this is he who triumphs”; Ur-ana (Ak) “the light of heaven”; Betelgeus (Hbr) “the coming of the branch”; Rigel (Hbr) “the foot that crushes”; Bellatrix (Gk) “quickly coming to destroy”; Al Nitak (Hbr) “the wounded one”; Saiph (Gk) “bruised”; Al Rai (Arb) “who breaks and bruises”; Thabit (Hbr) “treading on”; Al Giauza (Arb) “the branch”; Al Gebor (Arb) “the mighty”; Al Mirzam (Arb) “the ruler”; Al Negjeb (Arb) “the prince”; Niphla (Chldn) “the mighty”; Nux (Hbr) “coming forth”

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