The Mighty Wrestler

Ophiuchus is so closely associated with Serpens that it is important that you have already read our page on Serpens. Remember, Serpens is the symbol of the wicked serpent, first introduced in the Genesis account of Adam and Eve. In this picture, he is struggling for the crown (Corona) just above and out of the picture (see our Star Chart for the full view). Serpens is Satan — writhing here in the grip of Ophiuchus who is keeping Serpens from obtaining his goal — dominion and sovereignty. So who is this Ophiuchus in the Gospel of the stars? He is, of course, Jesus Christ. In the Greek myth associated with Ophiuchus, who is designated as Apollo’s son, he is said to have been renowned as a healer and that he could even raise the dead! How appropriate that a made-up story contain a kernel of the truth — that Jesus Christ was and is still our Great Physician. He can heal both body and spirit.

The Big Picture

Here, no doubt, is a picture of struggle. Good vs. evil. God vs. Satan. It’s obvious who is winning because the serpent (Serpens) can not reach the Crown. He never will The amazing significance found in this picture is that God Himself (Ophiuchus) is undertaking the struggle on our behalf. It is our crown of life that is being battled over. We could never muster the strength to defeat such a powerful enemy on our own. We have the Great Wrestler battling for us.

The Gospel Truth

There is no question that the healing of our spirits is an accomplished fact, having been secured for us Christ on the cross. There is also no question that the inner healing of our mind and heart is an ever-growing ministry of the Holy Spirit. As we surrender more and more of our life to Him, more and more of our mental and emotional health improves. And ultimately, our healing will be complete when Christ returns to earth!

The Star Names

Pay close attention to the names of the stars in each constellation. They will ALWAYS back up the message in The Gospel Truth above.

Ophiuchus (G) “the serpent holder”; Afeichus (A) “the serpent holder”; Ras al Hagus (A) “head of him who holds”; Triophas (H) “treading under foot”; Saiph (H) “bruised” (this is the foot of Ophiuchus); Carnebus (H) “wounding”; Megeros (H) “contending”; Api Bau (E) “the chief who comes”

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