Praise Prepared for the Conqueror

One of the most brilliant stars in the sky is found right here in Lyra. It’s called Vega — and that name in Greek means “He shall be exalted.” But the really amazing thing is that EVERYTHING in our solar system (meaning our sun and all its planets) is heading toward Vega at the rate of 12 miles per second! Now — let that sink in for a minute! Remember that with Sagittarius, we are beginning to see the fulfillment of the Seed Promise — or the promise of a Savior who would pay the penalty for Adam and Eve’s (and all of our) sins. And now — we have Lyra, the first decan in Sagittarius — and we are reminded by the picture of a harp, and by the names of the stars in it, to praise that Savior!! (In Greek mythology, this was said to be the instrument that was given by Apollo to Orpheus who used it to charm all of creation, even inanimate nature. Orpheus married Eurydice, a beautiful nymph. Upon her death, he was grief-stricken. Pluto took pity on him and permitted her body to be taken by Orpheus to the place of departed spirits. He ignored a warning not to look upon her, and when he did, she immediately vanished.) This sign was also known by the Britons as “King Arthur’s Harp.”

The Big Picture

We see in this picture a harp with a figure of an eagle mounted on top. The harp is symbolic of Jesus Christ’s high estate, a position worthy of the highest praise. And the eagle represents the praise that is already prepared for Him.

The Gospel Truth

With Lyra, we are reminded of the victory that Jesus, who was both God and man (represented by Sagittarius, the two-natured beast) has won for us with his death and resurrection. We are compelled to offer the highest praise — and really, praise is our secret to real victory in our life because it releases us from the power of sin and fear. What a wonderful thought that all of creation will forever praise the Lord Jesus Christ for His grace toward us. One can only imagine how it might work out — but somehow, throughout all eternity and across the breadth and length and depth of all the universes (both physical and spiritual), His love for us will be the central theme of an all-consuming praise!

The Star Names

Pay close attention to the names of the stars in each constellation. They will ALWAYS back up the message in The Gospel Truth above.

LYRA (G) “the harp”; Fent-kar (E) “the serpent conquered: Vega (G) – “He shall be exalted”; Shelyuk (G) also Al Nesr (A) – “an eagle”; Sulaphat “springing up, ascending”

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