The Suffering Victim

We have already seen the sign Centaurus, the half-man/ half-beast as it is poised with a spear, ready to thrust it into the sacrifice — which is this sign of Lupus. The original prophecy given in the sign of Centaurus is of a coming Redeemer who would be the “despised sin-offering” Now, we see in Lupus that He is not only the sacrifice — but He is also the one who offers the sacrifice!! He is the one who actually executes the death penalty! This reminds us of Jesus’ words in the book of John in the Bible. “No man taketh my life from me. I lay it down and I take it up.”

The Big Picture

This is a picture of a sacrificial animal as it is being slain by Centaurus. It is clearly represented as a victim. In the ancient Zodiac of Denderah (Egyptian) the sign is represented by a small child kneeling down with his finger to his lips.

The Gospel Truth

This tells us that our Lord not only died for us, but that it was by His willing OBEDIENCE to His Father’s will that He did so! Now, remember that Centaurus is also a picture of our Lord Jesus Christ. How could the sacrifice also be the slayer? Only in the person of Jesus could this be so because He alone came with so profound words on His lips: “No man takes my life from me. I lay it down, and I take it up again…!” He CHOSE to be obedient to His Father’s design for our redemption. He did not have to die! There was no legal obligation binding Him to that cruel tree. Rather, it was the infinitely stronger cords of unconstrained love that kept Him there. Didn’t He make this singularly crucial point abundantly clear when He said that He could command numberless legions of angels to come and destroy this wicked planet? But, praise God, He chose to go on for the “joy that was set before Him” to endure the cross and its shame. Why? For us! Oh, what grace that He should take upon His sinless body all that we deserved, and freely give us eternal life in exchange! Unspeakable mystery of love!

The Star Names

Pay close attention to the names of the stars in each constellation. They will ALWAYS back up the message in The Gospel Truth above.

Lupus (L) “. . . wolf” also Victima (L) “. . . the victim”; Thera (G) “. . . a beast”; Asedaton (H) “. . . to be slain”; Sura “. . . a lamb”

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