The Enemy, Trodden Down

A variety of myths are found for this ancient sign. However, they all somehow connect it to Orion, usually in such a way as to me it somehow submissive to the Orion sign. For example, the Greeks usually identified it with the hunting theme with Orion being the hunter and Lepus being the hunted hare. The association with Orion is the key to understanding the surviving truth that this mythology teaches. Orion is a picture of Jesus who came for just such a purpose — to seek out (hunt!) the forces of evil and destroy them by the power of His light-wrath. He is returning to earth in Book Three with a very different purpose then when He came to earth the first time as a baby (in Book One). The first time, He came to seek and to save those who were lost. This second time, He will destroy those who have rejected His free gift and aligned themselves with the Enemy.

One of the stars in Lepus is Leporis R, the famous “Crimson Star.” When observed through a telescope, it resembles a drop of blood. Quite an accurate reminder that the return of the Lord Jesus Christ will be a period of unprecedented blood-letting, as nations rise up against nations in that terrible battle called Armageddon.

The Big Picture

Here is a picture of a hunted enemy (notice the meanings of the names of the stars) being captured by Orion. He appears to be crouching under the certain blow of Orion’s foot. This is a picture of Satan, bruised in the head and bound in hell for for the period of Christ’s millennial kingdom (1000 years).

The Gospel Truth

This is the chapter of PROVISION, and the Gemini sign gives a startling picture of how the gospel promises will be accomplished — by the personal reign of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. He will rule with a rod of iron, dashing to pieces those who would corrupt the Paradise that earth has become under His reign. Don’t think that mankind will suddenly fall into line in this peaceful place. The one area that will not necessarilly be ruled by Christ will be the hearts of men. The natural depraved state of mankind will still control some, and the rod of iron that Orion and the Gemini twins hold will be used when necessary.

The Star Names

Pay careful attention to the meanings of the names of each star. They will ALWAYS back up the message in The Gospel Truth above.

LEPUS (Gk) “the hare”; Bashti-beki (Egy) “the confounded and failing”; Arnebo (Hbr) and Arnabeth (Arb) “the enemy of him who comes”; Nibal (Arb) “the mad”; Rakis (Arb) “the bound with a chain”; Suiga (Arb) “the deceiver”

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