The Old Serpent, Destroyed

In Greek mythology, this is the famed creature that was destroyed by Hercules in one of him many labors. Here he is seen cutting off the head of this hideous serpent, and then, to prevent two more heads from growing out of the stump, he seared the wound with a hot iron. He was assisted in this by his nephew, Iolaus. The central head was thought to be immortal, so he buried in under a rock.

In truth, this is a picture of that final rebellion against God. Satan (Hydra), when released from the bottomless pit, will take advantage of man’s single most vulnerable weakness — his pride. He will mount an insurrection against the King Jesus, but he will not go about claiming to be the enemy of the human soul, rather, it’s friend! He will not say, of course, that his desire is to enslave the spirit of man, but instead, to free it from the rigors of selfless obedience to the law of love. He will be the same subtle creature that took the form of a serpent in the Garden of Eden. But, his end will come quickly, as seen in this picture in the sky. There will be and ultimate and irrevocable judgment upon this Father of Lies — this source of all evil.

The Big Picture

We see here a serpent, extending from Cancer to Libra, being destroyed by “The Rending Lion” (Leo), “The Cup of Wrath” (Crater), and “The Birds of Prey” (Corvus). Here is the picture with which the conflict of the human race began — a serpent, said to be the most “subtle” of all the creatures, and you can be sure that when he is released after 1000 years, he will use that same subtle nature to deceive mankind once again.

The Gospel Truth

We see here the fulfillment of promise; the fulfillment of the hopes of God’s people from the very beginning. In the Cancer chapter, we saw the conflicts and the security of God’s beloved ones throughout that conflict. There will be yet one final conflict after the Kingdom reign begins — the one already mentioned as coming at the end of the 1000 year reign. Satan will be released and will go about spreading his vile lies to all whose hearts are not truly subject to the King and His laws of love. These ones will gladly receive this promise of a return to humanism. However, this rebellion will be destroyed by the One against whom this battle for men’s souls has always been aimed, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Star Names

Pay careful attention to the meanings of the names of the stars. They will ALWAYS back up the message above.

HYDRA (Ltn) “the serpent “; Hydra (Hbr) “he is abhored”; Cor Hydra (Ltn) “the heart of the serpent”; Al Phard (Arb) “put away”; Al Drian (Arb) “the abhorred”; Minchar al Sugia (Arb) “piercing of the deceiver”

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