The Two-Natured King’s Reign

We now look at the PROVISION that God will make to fulfill all of the ancient “kingdom promises.” That is the theme of this new chapter of Gemini, and it is centered around the idea of two. Of course, the picture that we are all familiar with is that of a set of twins. These famous twins ar preserved on all of the old star charts, and many myths have been invented about them. In Greek mythology, these twins are Castor and Pollux. They were the sons of Jupiter and Leda. They both excelled in the military arts — Castor in the management of horses, and Pollux in the martial arts. The twins were instrumental in the success of the Argonauts’ search for the golden fleece. In the Hindu culture, these were considered the “Twin Dieties.” It is easy to see that the original truth was that God would provide for a 1000 year reign of peace on earth. But how? By giving a king who would RULE by power and wisdom, but His reign would be a time of great mercy and benevolence. Two ideas that sometimes conflict — and yet, in these twins, we see the possibilities.

Let’s look at this “doubleness” idea a little more closely. Even today, in those countries that still have a reigning monarch (England, for example), the idea of two separate authoritative powers are clear. The king (or queen) is the Head of State. While the prime minister is the Head of Government. Two different functions, with two different officials fulfilling the duties of each. THIS is the idea presented in Gemini. In the coming “millenial kingdom” (the 1000 year reign of Christ on earth) both of these spheres of authority will be incorporated into one ruling monarch, the Lord Jesus Christ.

One more interesting note about Gemini — An isosceles triangle is formed by the stars Castor in Gemini, Aldebaran in Taurus, and Capella in Auriga — and this triangle is used as a favorite navigation reference point. The triangle is the ancient symbol for the Trinity. Each of these signs are portraits of Christ. So this triangle reminds us that Christ is a steady guide to the truth because “in Him dwelt all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.”

The Big Picture

Here is a pair of twins, sitting side by side, the one with his arm around the other. One twin holds a bow and arrow in one hand and a harp in the other. The other twin is holding a rod of iron. Neither of these weapons (the bow and arrow OR the rod) are being held in a ready-to-strike position. They are simply there if needed to secure the justice and peace of the society. The harp is symbolic of the peace and beauty that will inundate the earth during that time. Gemini is a star picture of a sovereign king who fulfills the dual role of securing justice and providing peace and righteousness.

The Gospel Truth

We’ve come to the second chapter of Book Three. The book here presents the Lord Jesus Christ as the King who was gone fora long time, but has now returned to set up His dominion on the earth. The Old Testament is filled with prophecies that foretell of this coming age when peace and righteousness will reign. The Tribulation, shown in great detail by Taurus and his decans, is now a distant memory as the years roll by and the centuries mount one upon the other — and each is a full record of a world governed by peace and righteousness. Beauty and creativity fill the days of the people who are the subjects of such a Gracious Monarch.

The Star Names

Pay careful attention to the meanings of the names of each star. They will always back up the message of The Gospel Truth above.

GEMINI (Gk) “the twins”; Claustrum Hor (Egy) “the place of him that comes; Pie Mahi (Chld) “the united as in brotherhood”; Thaumin (Hbr) “united”; Appollo (Gk) “ruler”; Hercules (Gk) “who comes to labor or suffer”; Al Henah (Arb) “wounded, afflicted”; Mebsuta (Gk) “treading under feet”; Propus (Hbr) “the branch, spreading”; Al Giauza (Arb) “the palm branch”; Dira (Arb) “the seed”

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