The Cup of Divine Wrath

Here is a constellation that depicts a very important truth concerning the ultimate destiny of the enemy (Hydra), and yet no hint of this truth is preserved in any of the many legends and myths associated with it. Instead, it has been names as the wine cup of Apollo, Hercules, Achilles, Dido, Medea, Bacchus, and Icarius. It has also been called Noah’s cup! While these legends all ignore the truth that this is a cup of wrath, they do all associate it with the idea of its owner being a king or a god. In the case of its being named with Noah, at least a suggestion of judgment is seen.

In truth, this cup symbolizes divine wrath being poured out on the enemy Satan. Sadly, it is also poured out on those who rejected the Lord’s gracious offer of salvation. Here is the Great White Throne Judgment, when all the lost of all ages will be raised from the dead and brought to Him for judgment. It will occur at the end of the millennial kingdom, immediately after the destruction of Satan’s rebellion. There will be no questions concerning salvation to be judged at that time because that will have become a lost opportunity forever. Instead, the question under consideration at this Judgment is the degree of punishment that will be theirs for eternity. What a dreadful thought! And what a strong motivation it should be for us, believers, to be doing the work of an evangelist!

Another interesting fact about this star sign is that the six stars that make up the base of this cup are quite faint to the naked eye, and it is seen on the meridian at 9 PM on April 26th. Notice how close to Easter the meridian date for this constellation falls. BUT it is always AFTER Easter — that most significant day in Christianity when we celebrate the resurrection of the Lord. It is only because of His sacrifice on the cross and then His resurrection, that we can have assurance in His rightful authority and power to pour out the wrath symbolized by this cup onto Satan.

The Big Picture

We see here a cup sitting upon the serpent. (Hydra) It is pressing down on part of the serpent’s body while tilting (as if to be poured out) over another part of the serpent’s body.

The Gospel Truth

As we continue in the chapter of fulfillment, we see the outpoured wrath of God upon this most ancient of all enemies, Satan. He is utterly defeated, his plans in ruin, his wicked desire for supremacy dashed upon that Rock, who is Jesus Christ. In his final judgment he will suffer an eternal torment in the Lake of Fire that has been prepared for him and his angels of rebellion. This final end is sure and certain.

The Star Names

CRATER (Ltn) “the cup”; Al Ches (Arb) “the cup”

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To continue in the correct order of the ancient star chart, please select Corvus next. This is the final decan of the final book of the star revelation.

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