Chambers of the South

Let’s take a brief look at another phenomenon that has persisted over the millenia from the most ancient of times — the Chambers of the South.

Job 9:4,7-9 says –

He is wise in heart, and mighty in strength: who hath hardened himself against him, and hath prospered?

Which commandeth the sun and it riseth not; and sealeth up the stars;

Which alone spreadeth out the heavens, and treadeth upon the waves of the sea;

Which maketh Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades, and the chambers of the south:

The last verse refers to this phenomenon by that name, assuring us that this is of such antiquity. What are these “chambers”? Well, the word itself helps us to identify them They are “chambers” or “houses” as we have learned from our study of Psalm 19 (see Free e-book). They are the “tabernacles” associated with the sun’s apparent journey through the southern sky, that is, looking toward the southern horizon. But what are they? Which ones of those that we have studied?

The answer is that they are NONE of the ones that we have studied so far. Rather, they are additional ones. Can this really be so, when our whole study is based on such a convenient arrangement of the 48 ancient constellations into the three books that we have studied? I think that yes, it just might be so. Why? Because the Bible itself indicates that there are these additional “chambers” as we have seen in these verses from Job. But how can we tell what they are?

We must look to the sky and see if there are any additional constellations that are equally as old as these that we have studied, and then check their pictures and their star names against what we already know of this star-revelation. Any discrepancies between what we have already established and what these new signs may imply must be considered grounds for assuming that the new signs are either counterfeits, or have lost their original true meaning beyond rememberance.

So then, what are these “southern chambers”? They are the following five constellations:

COLUMBA — This is a picture of a dove and is not visible from the northern hemisphere, as is the case with most of these signs. The dove is an ancient symbol of the Holy Spirit, and it is possible that the heavenly revelation included a reference to the Third Person of the Godhead in a way that we do not presently understand. It’s also possible that Job 39:26 could be a reference to this sign.

PHOENIX — This is the famous “fire bird” that arose out of the ashes of destruction. This represents the ancient idea of a resurrection from the dead, and it is certain that God’s revelation included that theme! (See Delphinus) The bird died in the flames (flames of fire are ancient symbols of God’s judgment on sin) and then was resurrected. Certainly an accurate portrayal of our Lord Jesus Christ who died as a judgment of our sins and was, of course, resurrected.

MONOCEROS — This sign is situated below Gemini and is a picture of the unicorn. Anceint mythology is filled with references to this beast. In a much more in-depth study we may make available in the future, it is discovered that the unicorn is a picture of the “Blessings” Messian as opposed to the “Birthright” Messiah (see Birthright vs. Blessings page for more info — however, this complete study is not available right now.)

FORNAX — Situated below Eridanus, this is a picture of a roaring furnace into which the river of light-wrath (Eridanus) empties. As such, it would perfectly portray the Lake of Fire, which is the ultimate destiny of all who reject the grace of God.

TRIANGULUM — Below Andromeda, this ancient sign is described by Aratos (see Free e-book for more info). It was historically used as a symbol for the Trinity. It may be that God included such a reference in His star-revelation, but in what manner we do not understand today.

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