The Redeemer’s Safe Possession

So we enter now the chapter of conflict for this Book Three, which reveals the nature of the millenial kingdom — the 1000 year earthly reign of Jesus Christ. (Satan is bound during this time.) We have already seen in the signs of Gemini the provision that Jesus has already set in place for this time, and yet, we have now a chapter of conflict — the chapter of Cancer.

Before we go too much further, it is important to note that this chapter is without doubt the most corrupted of all the twelve constellations in God’s ancient star-revelation, meaning this chapter has been changed the most from its original purpose. You’ll see that in the names of the stars, in particular. Only one of Cancer’s decans (Argo) has remained unchanged from its original design by God. The other three signs are actually absurd considering the names of the stars.

The crab (Cancer) does not in any way fit either the theme of the chapter or the various names given to it and the stars within it. In fact, there is no Hebrew word for a crab because it was included in Scripture in the list of unclean “vermin.” So what SHOULD this sign be? Take a good look at the meanings of the star names below. There is a definite theme of “assurance.” So, we should expect to see something that would portray this idea of the security of the Redeemed. Most all of the ancient zodiacs show this as a crab; although some show it as a beetle. There is, however, one important exception and that is found in the most ancient of the Egyptian charts. It is shown in them as the head of a hawk or possibly an eagle. At least in these we have the idea of royalty and militant power. That would certainly be closer to the theme than a crab!

From the star names, it is fair to imagine that this sign was originally some sort of pastoral (country) scene — a cattlefold perhaps or a shepherd’s cove. Something that would portray the idea of security within the protection of of God. It was, perhaps, a donkey! A donkey, you ask? If you download our Free e-book (in particular, Chapter Two), you will discover that each tribe of the nation of Israel was, according to Jewish historians, assigned a particular ensign and a particular spot in the arrangement of the camp. All of this was according to the Zodiac! I encourage you to download the Free e-book for more information. But getting back to this particular sign — it was assigned to the tribe of Issachar. By the way, we get this order from Jacob’s blessing of his sons in Genesis 49. Check out the Birthright vs. Blessings page for more info about that! When Jacob comes to Isaachar, he says of him, “Issachar is a strong ass, crouching down between the sheepfolds; and he saw a resting-place that it was good; and the land that it was pleasant; and he bowed his should to bear, and became a servant under task work.” (Genesis 49:11 – RSV) Two words stand out in that passage — ass and sheepfolds. We’ll talk about the sheepfolds in the next few decans. But, look at the names of the stars (see below) in Cancer. There are two stars in the sign of Cancer that back this up — the Northern Ass (Asellus Boreas) and the Southern Ass (Asellus Australis). Can it be that the sign that God originally intended for Cancer and its decans was a donkey lying down peacefully between two flocks of sheep? It’ll be even more easy to believe after you’ve read the next two decans.

Let’s get back to the fact that this is the chapter of Conflict. But from where would conflict arise in this perfect, peaceful kingdom? It is from the very same place it arises today — the heart of men. Jesus Christ will rule His kingdom thoroughly and with a rod of iron. But what exactly will His rules be? How about walk the extra mile with your brother, turn the other cheek, give your coat away! Remember those teachings? The rule of the millennial kingdom will be love! But love demands a complete abandon to self — and that will be the source of conflict in the millennial kingdom. While, the citizens of this kingdom will most likely give their obedience — they may not give their hearts. Those citizens will be given the same choice that we have today — accept Christ as Lord or not. But not all will.

The Big Picture

The picture is of a crab; however, that is undoubtedly a corruption (see above). The Hebrew language has no word for this creature. But the original words given as names of the stars make it clear that the figure drawn by God must have had to do with a “gathering together,” possibly a cattlefold or sheepfold.

The Gospel Truth

We see in Cancer that even in the paradise into which the world will be transformed during the millennial kingdom, sin remains a problem. It does not come from Satan (since he and the demons are bound) — and it does not come from a corrupt world system (since Christ is ruling). It comes from that other third source (see The Band) — the flesh — the unregenerate heart of man! Even a man living in such a paradise! This man might give a show of obedience to King Jesus, but his heart will be in rebellion against Him. This is the conflict represented by Cancer.

The Star Names

Pay careful attention to the meanings of the names of the stars. They will always back up the message above.

CANCER (Gk) “the crab”; Scarabaeus (Egy) “the sacred beetle”; Klairia (Egy) “the cattle-folds”; Al Sartan (Arb) “who binds together, who enfolds”; Sartano (Snskrt) “vermin”; Praesepe (Ak) “the multitude, offspring”; Tegmine (Hbr) “holding”; Acubene (Hbr, Arb) “the sheltering or hiding place”; Ma’alaph (Arb) “assembled thousands”; Al Himarein (Arb) “the kids, or lambs”; Asellus Boreas (Gk) “the northern ass”; Asellus Australis (Gk) “the southern ass”

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