The Redeemer-Shepherd

We come now to the end of the first chapter of Book Three in the star revelation. This is the chapter of the PROMISE given by God thousands of years ago in the Garden of Eden. it began with the return of the Bull (Taurus), crushing the head of the enemy under his thundering hooves. That theme of a returning warrior coming in judgment was amplified by the signs Orion and Eridanus which together present the picture of wrath poured out on the ancient enemy. And now, we see a fitting conclusion to this chapter. Here is the Shepherd King, protecting his Beloved. Here is the perfect picture of the safety of the Redeemed throughout the great and dreadful time of tribulation on earth.

In Greek mythology this sign was supposed to represent Erichthonius, son of Vulcan and Minerva. He was deformed and therefore invented the four-horse chariot to get around in. Other myths call him Auriga who was skilled in the training of horses. Ancient Peruvian, Akkadian, and Indian records associate this sign with the ability to give wealth. Of course, the kernel truth (surviving truth from God’s revelation) in the Greek myth is its reference to the so-called deformity. This would be an association with the “crippling” wound given in the heel by Satan at the crucifixion of Jesus.

One more interesting note — the star Capella is one of the most brilliant in the heavens. It is called by the Arabs the “she-goats” or the “kids.” It is visible on clear nights throughout the year. It rises nearest the Pole of all 1st magnitude stars. What a wonderful reminder to have throughout the year as we gaze at the stars above. The Lord is our Great Shepherd, whose arms are strong; and He is offering supernatural protection against the coming judgment. This promise is a year-round comfort to the child of God.

The Big Picture

Here is a shepherd king who is lovingly holding and protecting his sheep in one hand while he holds a weapon of defense in the other. He appears to be seated, as if on the ground. In the Zodiac (see Star Chart for full picture) he appears to be looking toward Cetus, as if keeping his eye on the Great Enemy, ready to lift his weapon if needed. This shepherd king is the anti-type of all the kings that have come before in the Zodiac. Instead of showing him to be a reigning victor, the picture show him as the Good Shepherd who is ready to lay down his life for the sheep. He is the Great Shepherd who daily speaks on our behalf before the throne of heaven, and He is the Chief Shepherd who will one day appear in glory.

The Gospel Truth

And so, the chapter of PROMISE concludes with the reminder that the children of God, redeemed by His blood, will escape the terrible judgments to be brought on the earth by our Lord’s return. We have not been “ordained unto wrath.” Instead we are the “children of light, and not of darkness” who have been ordained unto salvation. We are again reminded that the Lord’s return is a two-part event. Part One is the coming “in the air” (not touching the earth) to rapture (“snatch away”) His Bride. This is the picture as portrayed by Auriga. We are the “kids” safely enfolded in His strong arms, far from the danger of judgment taking place below.

The Star Names

Pay careful attention to the meanins of the stars’ names. They will ALWAYS back up the message in The Gospel Truth above.

AURIGA (Gk) “the shepherd”; Alioth (Hbr) “she goat”; Menkilinon (Hbr) “the band of goats”; Maaz (Hbr) “flock”

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